Light Crane Systems

Flexible beam combined suspension crane is suitable for various type and scale enterprises, particularly suited to low workshop and light factory building and site where overhead crane is not applicable. The system also adopts CCH series electric chain hoist, hoist electric drive, electric control system, etc., to ensure that the working life is long with little trouble and free maintenance. We provide you with various forms of combination according to the lifting weight and the lifting point distance.

FB/FSM Monorail

FB/FSM monorail suspension crane, depending on different lifting weight and different suspension point gap, we can provide you with 3 solutions according to the characteristics of our crane beams.

FB/FDM Double Rail

FB/FDM double girder monorail suspension crane, suitable for material handling applications with lifting heavy. The lifting height of the goods can be improved to the maximum extent and the plant space can be greatly used. Same with FB/FSM, we can give you three solutions according to the characteristics of the crane beams.

FB/FSX Single Girder Crane

FB/FSX single-girder suspension crane is suitable for planar conveying of materials with features such as quick start, light weight and simple manual operation. The connection between the crane beam and the driving mechanism uses universal ball joints, so that the crane will not have clamping situation, and can pass through the rail wedge-shaped and the protruding part smoothly.

FB/FDX Double Girder Crane

FB/FDX double girder suspension crane is suitable for the applications with heavy lifting weight and big span. It has the reasonable installation dimension and is the best solution for material handling. Hoist can get maximum lifting height between the two beams, and crane can realize the maximum span because of the multi-track suspension.

FB/FDX-L Stooled-up Double Girder Crane

FB/FDX-L double girder suspension crane can make more efficient use of your plant space to the best lifting height you need, and the crane travelling adopt electric motors, so the work efficiency is also higher.

FB/FDX-3 Double Girder Crane

FB/FDX-3 double girder suspension crane with longer span to meet your larger work range needs. The effective working area is increased, lifting weigh is up to 1.6 tons, and the whole crane is electric driven.

FA Series Aluminum Light Crane System

FA series aluminum light crane system can provide proper solve solution for all crane requirements, which can make you design all suspension single girder crane /suspension double girder crane or monorail system .
According to the different industry situation , use the corresponding rail type , which can match different servo control product . They can meet the requirements of all kinds workpieces transplant , assembly , conveying , Stacking, tightening, etc process . In this case , they can meet different customer’s requirements .


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