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On Third, July, 2017, Clescrane signed contract for 8 set of CWD Series overhead cranes, CIF Total price reach 5,500,000$. (CWD45/10t-38.3m H=14m/15m A7 4 set, CWD45t-38.3m H=14m A7 set), the main girders adopt wide box bias-railed girder structure, the electrical system place in the inner of the main girder.
It is a steel mill project that Formosa plastics group invested in Hejing, Viet Nam. The investment case is the first time Formosa plastics group involved in the steel industry, at the same time, Clescrane will also use this opportunity to open up the Vietnamese market.
The batch of crane used for steel coil handling, the soaking pit crane from Clescrane is safe and reliable, which widely applied in iron &steel industry; professional lifting attachment for steel coil, with advantages of easy structure, flexible operation, easy maintenace, big lifting capacity and so on.
Clescrane will continue to maintain a competitive advantage, to ensure completion of the project with high quality and efficiency, the brand road is very long, but Clescrane will keep striving and forwarding as always. Thanks trust for clients!
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