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With the target of "technology –driven, quality seize the market", Clescrane was established as a systems engineering company in the field of material handling in the year of 2012. Our services cover a wide range of industries, which includes manufacturing industry, processing industry, energy regeneration and so on.
We have been working with the international well-known Electrical companies in order to look for cooperation of intelligence hoisting machinery equipment. At the same time, our technical engineers are constantly providing customized designs for our customers'needs. Our equipment supervision team ensures the best quality of equipment for our customers. Our professional technical service team will provide zero-distance service to our customers. Clescrane is just on your side to help enhance your business and get sustainable development.
Technology is Clescrane survival principle, quality is the basic foundation of Clescrane survival . Depended on our own technology strength and supervision team, Clescrane has the professional sub-contractor who can provide us the good quality crane parts and control the whole cost in the competitive level. Clescrane intended to create an innovative lifting equipment export service companies and provide customers with the best solution and high-quality manufacturing products. With spirit of "customer first" business philosophy, Clescrane strategic objectives are not for the short-term interests instead of sacrifice the future .CLES people will wholeheartedly provide dedicated service for worldwide customers. When you choose Clescrane, you also increase security and efficiency for your business development at the same time.

I won't sell the future for a short term profit.

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