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No matter what you operate from Clescrane, cranes, hoists, load handling attachments or other related equipments, we can offer a comprehensive range of services to support the entire life cycle of your lifting equipment from a single source.
To enable you to fully concentrate on your core business by making you the be sure that your equipment operates reliably and efficiently furthest is our objective.

Our Aims
●  Availability
●  Cost-effective operation
●  Safety and reliability
●  Efficient use

Highly qualified and trained staff for good service quality
Our service consultants support you with various industry-specific expertise to create a service strategy customized to your business needs. Clescrane service engineers are well trained and receive continuous further development to keep professional. All of those lead to high-quality service support from a single source.

Service Combination
We are always ready to help from commissioning to repair of your equipment. All the services we provide are specially designed for the needs of the industrial crane sector – to achieve the high efficiency of your equipment. This also includes a comprehensive training programme.
You can decide for yourself how much service you want to have.

Our service covers the entire product life cycle

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