Crane Components and Accessories

Pendant Control Stations

As a handheld device specifically intended for crane operators, our crane pendant control station has everything to cover all your control needs. Approved by EN, UL and CEE standards, this device is also on a par with various other international standards.

Remote Control Transmitters

In a radio remote control system the transmitter is the user interface to control the machine. We offer a wide range of transmitter models to adapt to every situation.
Our transmitters are designed with advanced ergonomics and robustness to minimize machine downtime and operator fatigue.

CB-C End Carriage

Modular design, direct drive.
Compact structure, high precision.
Variable frequency drive, smooth running.
Small tonnage beam by using standard for cold formed steel hollow sections, large tonnage beam with steel plate automatic welding.
Standard connection, interchangeable.

Bus bar

To assist the power supply of the crane. There are three forms of busbar: single pole buabar, multipole busbar, jointless busbar .The single pole buabar is available in aluminum and copper with long service lifes and easy to install.

Sound-light Alarm

This product has the advantages of stable operation, light weight, waterproof, shockproof, durable and easy to install and maintain. Protection class IP65.

Photoelectric anti-collision device

Used for collision prevention between cranes, collision prevention between trolleys, limit switch between trolleys, etc., small size, long service life.

Travel Limit switch

Standard configuration: single-step limit for cross travel, and double-step limit of long travel.

Cross Limit Switch

Product characteristics application: crane system
Sheating material:plastic
Repair mode: rotation
Number of poles: 2 poles /4 poles
Rotation range: -180°~180°

Long travel limit switch for Hazardous area

Flameproof position limit switch.
Rugged and reliable, Limitex is designed to control the movement of overhead travelling cranes, hoists and complex machine tools operating in potentially explosive areas.

BBJ Explosion-proof Sound light alarm

1. Widely used for incident alarm or signal indication on various marine platforms, chemical tankers, LNG ships and hazardous cargo wharfs, etc.
2. Can reliably work in severe environment exposed in moisture, vibration or corrosion.
3. Explosive hazardous atmosphere Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22.
4. Housing
High quality maritime aluminum alloy, powder coated surface
5. Electric
Equipped with an integrated chip, with a variety of protection circuits
6. Transparent Cover
Toughened glass

BFC8117 Explosion-proof LED ANTI-SEISMIC Floodlights

1. Suitable for Zone 1 applications
2. Degree of protection: IP 66
3. LED light source providing high luminous efficacy and long service life
4. Designed with a dimmer interface (DC 0 - 10 V)
5. Multiple mounting options such as seat mounting, wall mounting and ceiling mounting

Engineering Towline

According to the design standard specification of CLESCRANE's CoC(Crane Competance Center), there are clear internal regulations on when to use engineering towline. For double-girder overhead gantry cranes with a span of more than 16.5m, the form of single or double trolleys, the power supply system for trolley operation adopts engineering towline. The maintenance of engineering towline is simple, and its high reliability is widely recognized by users. What are the advantages of our towline?

LED Anti-seismic Floodlights

LED anti-seismic floodlights are currently used as standard components of CLESCRANE double-girder overhead gantry cranes. If you use single-girder products, no matter whether the equipment is used indoors or outdoors, you can check this option when filling out the product questionnaire. In the solution, we will provide you the design. We chose the Ocean King brand with the best quality in China market. Usually, an anti-seismic floodlight is installed at a distance of 5-6 meters. Depending on the lifting height, the wattage selection of the lamp is slightly different. The high protection level and more stable quality allow you to use it with confidence. The quality allows you to use it with confidence. If you want to know more, please contact the product and solution consultant.

Lifting Points

Currently CLESCRANE provides equipment for users, and the installation lugs are equipped with Pevag products as standard, giving users a safer hoisting experience.

Rail Clamp

CLESCRANE provides users with Chinese standard rails and rail clamps. Don’t underestimate the rail clamps, which escort the cranes in operation. CLESCRANE provides high-quality rail clamps, welcome to inquire.


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