Customers Stories

We improve constantly. More and more customers choose Clescrane as their partner. Check our customer stories to see how our material handing solutions help our customers to achieve the target.

Ghana Engineering and Construction Company

Ghana Engineering and Construction Company is one of the largest private engineering and construction companies in Ghana since 2000. Its business includes engineering and construction services, electrical and instrumentation, and heavy lifting equipment leasing. Providing comprehensive project solutions for customers in the fields of oil and gas, mining, petrochemicals and infrastructure.

Peru Plastic Products Factory

On September 23, 2020, CLESCRANE signed a single girder bridge crane (model CHS3tX14mX4.8 A5) with Peru Plastic Products Factory. Although the customer had many experiences in the purchase of old-fashioned lifting equipment in China, after in-depth understanding of the solutions provided by CLESCRANE, the customer believed that the quality of CLESCRANE would help it reduce maintenance expenditures, and finally chose CLESCRANE.

Israel customer for 0.6Ton portable aluminum gantry crane

On June 22, 2020, an emerging company from Israel purchased a 0.6ton portable aluminum gantry crane(LRGS 0.6 Ton-2.3m-4m) from us.

Puerto Rico Construction and Prefabrication Company

On June 11, 2019, Puerto Rico Construction and Prefabrication Company gave Clescrane the contract of 2 sets of single girder bridge crane (CHS5T-15.945m H=3.688m A5/M5), rail beams, and installation guide services for 10 days.

SRM Installation and service company

CLESCRANE always adhere to the long-term, we intended to make the global users get more cost-effective products. We are systematic, standardized, not inferior brand in Europe, performance is stability. Chile customers in the positioning of our products and service, adopt CH20t hoist replaced existing KONECRANES hoist.

Tissue Paper Factory in Mexico

In daily life, paper is used at anytime and anywhere. In order to meet people's growing demand for paper, the Mexican paper mill, which was established in 2000, has built a new plant. It manufactures tissue paper for the production of napkins, traditional and institutional toilet paper, hand towels, kitchen towels, among other products, adjusting to market needs.


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