Corporate Culture

CLESCRANE is stronger and stronger with profession, thought and continuous improvement
CLESCRANE unswervingly aim to provide China top brand to the worldwide users
Adhering to the "never sacrifice the future for a short-term profit" brand mission, we strive to think and keep making progress
To provide worldwide users more cost-effective lifting equipment solutions and services

Our solution is for users who are looking for a more cost-effective solution
If you are eager to improve productivity and shorten time to market
CLESCRANE, I believe it must be the brand that worthy your trust and choice

CLESCRANE's I WILL demonstrates our customer-focused attitude and determination
Our products help our customers achieve many of the desired goals in production and continue to help them accelerate their time-to-market
Although CLESCRANE stand out in the international market for not a very long time, we believe that we will gain the trust of more and more customers
Sometimes we also failed in the competition, but we will stand up again
CLESCRANE has Innovative product series to support, and will break new ground in every changing industry

I won't sell the future for a short term profit.

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