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Standard Crane Business
CLESCRANE's standard product business is dedicated to solving the needs of customers in various industries under various working conditions. CLESCRANE's drive components and electrical materials and brand's selection ensure the reliability of each device we provide. The OEM factories that have been working with CLESCRANE for a long time are strictly selected. Our standards are always strict, such as the supplier selection of purchased parts, the weld inspection of each equipment, the no-load or load test, etc. We are meticulous.The equipment provided by CLESCRANE has shorter downtime to help customers improve production efficiency, and engineers involved in guiding the installation will inform the user how to do equipment maintenance on a regular basis.

Intelligent Crane Business
The automation control in the field of warehousing and logistics is developing rapidly. CLESCRANE has identified our own key areas, such as biomass power generation, clean energy production, etc. The engineering team of CLESCRANE's Crane CoC department has many experts from the field of automation control. We attach great importance to the improvement and enhancement of control system. we have achieved the project of fully automatic control system in the above-mentioned fields. Our cranes have performed exceptionally well, and the customers have given us great affirmation. In conjunction with our spreader business, CLESCRANE is patiently understanding other users' considerations for automated control, and we want to help them achieve their vision.

Spreader Business
The spreader business is one of the indispensable business modules of CLESCRANE. For many users, we know the importance of the spreader business. We have self-developed spreaders for our key user groups, and with the signing of the Dutch brand Aerolift, our spreader business has been greatly improved.We hope to provide our professional guidance and products for more clients' on-site use.

Design Consultation
CLESCRANE is committed to providing customers with pre-project crane technical consulting services for a long time. We also involve the design of steel structure workshops. In some areas such as steel, nonferrous metals, paper, biomass power generation, etc., our advices for some customers help them to take less cost and also help customers to correctly select the quality suppliers they need in China.


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