Pulping and Paper Industry

Pulping and paper making industry has been always one of the key industries paid attention by Clescrane. From the precise placing to the full-auto storage of roll, Clescrane provide customized material handling solutions for each customer. We take advantages of our rich experiences in this industry to provide professional solution, to make many customers satisfied. Whatever the flowchart is, our crane can increase the efficiency to each customer.

CWD Parent Roll Handling Cranes

Max. Load: 50 ton
Span: Customized
Working Class: A6,A7,A8
Clescrane provides a range of cranes for all lifting applications in the pulp and paper industry. To learn more about our custom parent roll handling cranes, services, and lifting solutions, reach out to the team today.

A-CWD Automatic Crane (mechanical gripper) for Paper Roll

Max. Load: 15 ton
Span: 20m〜35m (Longer spans can be customized designed and manufactured)
Working class: A7, A8

A-CWD Automatic Overhead Crane with Vacuum Lifter for Paper Rolls

The fully automatic paper roll crane picks up the paper rolls from the conveyor belt and transports them to the warehouse under the control of the computer management system WCS and WMS or transports the paper rolls outfrom the warehouse through the conveyor.

CJZ Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Max. Load: 10 ton
Effective arm length: 5m~8m
Rotary degree: 180º 270º 360º optional
CCH series chain hoist and CH wire rope hoist can be used and the operation can be manual or electric drive.
Higher safe working loads and non-standard solutions for particular applications are possible.

CWD Maintenance Cranes

Max. Load: 50 ton
Span: Customized
Generally , the crane system for the technology equipment maintenance is wet end crane , coater crane , Deinking equipment crane , vacuum pump maintenance crane, mezzanine floor crane and lifting hoist, roller mill workshop crane, conversion equipment crane , paper roll packing line crane or lifting hoist, and workstation crane system .

CHS Single Girder Overhead Crane

Max. Load: 20 ton
Span: 7.5m~35m ( span ≥ 25.5m, CHD double girder series is recommended. )
Working Class: A5,A6
CHS series overhead crane is an ideal choice for industrial applications and is very popular in the market. It has feature of light weight and small wheel pressure, which can help you to efficiently make use of available space and save the cost of plant investment. We will provide you different type of electric hoists to meet different site demands.


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