Garbage to Power Generation

As a waste importing country, China imports industrial waste and domestic waste to many countries around the world every year. However, as the country develops and waste imports are restricted, many exporting countries must find ways to alleviate their own urban waste disposal problems. Waste disposal is a worldwide problem. The demand for turning garbage into electricity is increasing, and the ash residue after burning garbage can also be used in other fields and be reused. In 2018, the management of CLESCRANE regarded the waste-to-energy industry as one of the company’s business strategic goals. We did a thorough research on waste-to-energy and how to improve the waste combustion indicators of power plants. Our fully automatic garbage crane sys

Waste Handing Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 3.2t-10t
Span: 7.5m~25.5m
Working Class: A7,A8
Automatic waste handling cranes are dedicated cranes using in waste incineration power plant. The first intelligent identification technology in this industry based on customers’ needs; selecting the appropriate automatic level of crane with manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic three control mode for free switch.

Slag Handling Cranes

Lifting Capacity: 5t~10t
Span: 7.5m~10.5m
Working Class: A7,A8
Slag Cranes use double-bladed grabs to transport the ash from the ash bunker to the open containers or to the dump truck. 24-hour fully automatic operation is possible.


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