Hoists & Winches

Around the world, our lifting units and complete crane system is serving different customers. They are not only lift the product, but also boost customers’ production ability to help the customers to put their products into the market earlier. You will have no worries, if you choose Clescrane together with our professional technology, knowledge, and professional service partners. We provide standardized lifting units and customized open winch system with max lifting capacity up to 320 ton.

CH Wire Rope Hoist

Max. Load: 100 Ton
Working class: 1Am, 2m, 3m
(≥32t, lifting mechanism frequency control)
According to your special needs, we can provide many optional features, such as higher lifting height, different lifting speed, adapting different girder type, customized hook, anti-sway, dual-brake ,load display and so on.
You can change the optional features as your needs change. We help you lift the way you want to.

CW Open Winch

Max. Load: 320 Ton
Working class: 1Bm, 1Am, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m
In order to solve all kinds of crane applications and to meet customer specific requirements, we have prepared plenty of options for use in combination with our open winch, such as the turn over trolley, anti-sway device, automatic positioning device, winch servicing and monitoring device, or remote diagnostic tool.

CHEX Ex-proof Wire Rope Hoist

Max. Load: 50 Ton
Working class: 1Am, 2m, 3m
Clescrane CHEX series explosion-proof electric hoists are manufactured in accordance with the latest European standard ATEX100a (94/09/CE) and various CE standards, fully complied with the applicable safety codes for explosion proof products. We can provide products suitable for 1 and 2 gas areas and 21 and 22 dust zones applications, according to customers' demands.

CHC Clean Room Hoist

Max. Load: 25 Ton
Working class: 2m
CRH series clean room hoist can be used in environment with cleanliness grade 1000, including wire rope hoist and nylon rope hoist. This clean room hoist is main used for clean workshop in industry of biotechnology, medical apparatus, medicine, food and semiconductor manufacture.

CCH Chain Hoist

Max. Load: 5 Ton
Working class: 1Bm,1Am,2m,3m
More optional functions can be provided according to your need. CCH series chain hoist has fixed type, manual trolley type and electric trolley type.
You can choose different optional functions according to your real need. We will help you to get the best lifting way.


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