Clescrane Intelligent steel plate handling crane

Clescrane has provided ‘tailored’ intelligent steel plate handling system. The solution was customized for its 130,000 ton high strength wear resistant steel plate heat treatment production line.

1. Synchronized lifting and automatic control technology
With optimized design and integrating synchronous multi-point lifting and lifting tool system, Clescrane’s solution could realize reliable grabbing for various dimension steel plates at high efficiency, synchronism and reliability.

2. Anti-swing system
Anti-swing system of cranes could control acceleration and deceleration of the crane according to its working condition, so to realize the anti-swing for the load. When the system is turned on, handling of the steel plates will be steady in all circumstances. By reducing possible collision between the steel plates and other equipment in the workshop, efficiency and safety during production is improved.

3. Intelligent one-key-positioning system
Intelligent one-key-positioning system was added by Clescrane engineers. Operator of the crane can trigger one key to realize moving the steel plate to the appointed destination area through programmed route and automatic piling. This system improves their efficiency greatly. Combing the anti-swing system, precision of the process is guaranteed. During the whole procedure, no manual intervention is required. Possibilities of equipment damaging caused by manual errors are lowered.

This system was first adopted in the year 2015. Its reliability, high efficiency and stability has won Clescrane high praise and recognition from our clients on the design and the technology.
Clescrane always believes in the idea of continuous service to the clients and innovation on technology. We devoted great effort in research and development of material handling technology and to meet the process requirements of different industries with our advanced and tailored products.


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