Cranes Operation and Maintenance Procedures(1)

(1)The operator must be familiar with the structure and properties of the crane, they can only operate the crane independent after passed the examination and obtained the special work operation certificate, and shall comply with the safety regulations.
(2) Add sufficient lubrication oil according to the regulations of the lubrication, then closed the oil container and oil cup lid well.
(3) We must carry out the following checks when starting each crane operation:
① If there is some defects of the hook block and pulley or not;
② The wire rope is in good condition or not, whether the drum is fixed on firmly or not, with or without bathing;
③ If the brakes of the crane, trolley and lifting mechanism is safe and reliable or not;
④ If transmission mechanism is normal or not, the safety switch is sensitive and reliable or not, lifting limit and the crane or trolley limit is normal or not;
⑤ If there is some noise when the crane is on driving or not.
If discover defects or some abnormal phenomenon, we should promptly adjust and maintenance the crane, shall not use it compromisingly.
(4) All controllers should be handled to zero before driving the crane, shut the doors and Windows, start after the ring warning shots.
(5) Start the crane smoothly, and increase the speed step by step: each conversion time of the lifting mechanism can be controlled in 1-2 seconds; Each conversion time of the running mechanism should not be less than 3 seconds; each conversion time of the crane with large lifting tonnage should be in 6 to 18 seconds, it is changed depending on the lifting weight, it is forbidden to start with high-grade gears.
(6) It is strictly prohibited to use cranes over the substandard conditions, must comply with the provisions of the "ten don't operations" of the hoisting machinery safety management regulations.

(7) When lifting heavy objects on each shift (or the load reaches to a maximum weight), we should unload the object when it is hoisted 0. 5 m high from the ground, to check the performance of the brake, confirm its reliability before normal operation.
(8) The controller must be manipulated based on the grade step by step, to protect the hoisted object traveling smoothly, should not lift the objects if the hook rotates, to prevent the wire rope out of the groove.
(9) The speed should be reduced when the trolley and crane towards the end of the destination. It is forbidden to use the terminal switch as a parking method, also not allowed to use the crane reversing driving to realize brake.


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