Protection Of Crane Electrical Equipment

Use more tightly sealed electrical cabinets to increase safety

Wherever they are used, cranes often encounter dirt, grease, oil and moisture, as well as bumps and vibrations. This section requires the positioning and covering of electrical components to reduce the risk of accidental exposure to shocks and to protect electrical equipment from the influence of external materials that may impede its works.Regular inspections can help ensure equipment is in place to provide the necessary protection.

Electronic equipment
1. The position or closure of electrical equipment should make the live parts not exposed to accidental contact under normal working conditions.
2. Electrical equipment should be dust-proof, grease-proof and moisture-proof.
3. The guard of the live part should be firm and the position should not make it accidental deformation so as to contact the live part.

During use, crane parts are worn or damaged and you need to have spare parts as soon as possible. The various electrical components of CLESCRANE's cranes are easy to getlocally, so this can significantly reduce maintenance time and reduce unnecessary costs. We are ready to serve you.


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