Wire Rope Hoist Inspections

Standards For Wire Rope Inspections

Wire rope hoists undergo constant stress and wear through daily use. So, wire rope requires monthly inspection in accordance with this section to reduce the risk of failure and potential resulting injury or property damage. In addition, this section covers criteria to use in determining when to replace rope, and requires inspection of rope on equipment that has been idle for a month or more, before the rope and equipment can be returned to service.

Running Rope Inspection

A thorough inspection of all ropes shall be made at least once a month and a certification record which included the date of inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection and an identifier for the ropes which were inspected shall be kept on file where readily available to appointed personnel. Any deterioration, resulting in appreciable loss of original strength, shall be carefully observed and determination made as to whether further use of the rope would constitute a safety hazard. Some of the conditions that could result in an appreciable loss of strength are the following:

1. Reduction of rope diameter below nominal diameter due to loss of core support, internal or external corrosion, or wear of outside wires.

2. A number of broken outside wires and the degree of distribution or concentration of such broken wires.

3. Worn outside wires.

4. Corroded or broken wires at end connections.

5. Corroded, cracked, bent, worn, or improperly applied end connections.

6. Severe kinking, crushing, cutting, or slack.

Other ropes

All rope which has been idle for a period of a month or more due to shutdown or storage of a crane on which it is installed shall be given a thorough inspection before it is used. This inspection shall be for all types of deterioration and shall be performed by an appointed person whose approval shall be required for further use of the rope. A certification record shall be available for inspection which includes the date of inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection and an identifier for the rope which was inspected.

Wear and damage to wire rope can’t always be seen on the surface.


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