CWMS & Automation

Clescrane Warehouse Management System (CWMS) comprises:
Our latest fully automated storage solution covers everything from rolls/straw bales to warehouses, up to automated truck loading. CWMS provides the key to supply chain optimization, because it controls 24 /7hour storage traffic. This innovative software is extensible.

Clescrane Automatic warehouse management system

Professional and reliable system functions
1. Accurate management of pieces (roll), precise positioning and traceability
A system that manages only according to batches will have the problem of not being able to trace, locate, and find the goods in the batch. Once customer complaints or quality problems are encountered, the batch management system will be powerless. The management system detailed to each piece(roll) can not only simply handle the above problems, but also integrate big data analysis, creating a prerequisite for providing more value-added services.
2. After the abnormal rolls is taken, the information of the roll is automatically associated, and the quality analysis is more accurate.
Instantly take photos and upload, and automatically correspond to the corresponding roll number, eliminating the need for a large amount of manual processing and summarizing quality information. Especially when it comes to capturing quality abnormal information in order to deal with complaints and claims, you can quickly come up with relevant data information. All the quality issues involved can be retrieved from the system at any time, and the system can also export quality analysis reports on a regular basis.
3. Real-time push of information, more efficient management
All information in and out of the warehouse can be pushed in real time. As long as you need, these information can be pushed to you in real time through various methods such as emails, text messages, and other reminders. So that you can learn about operational information in time and make quick decisions. In addition to using message push methods, you can also push in the form of attachments and links. It is worth mentioning that all information pushes use short links, which reduces the waste of network resources and does not occupy bandwidth.
4. Accurate in-transit management to support inventory forecasting
Track future warehousing trends through in-transit management, so as to predict inventory conditions in advance and help companies make decisions.
5.The special management function of the bonded warehouse is expanded, and the customs is worry-free.
In response to the various policy requirements of customs supervision, the system has added related function extensions to exceed expectations and meet various customs supervision requirements. Establish a bonded warehouse management image with high-quality operations for enterprises.
6. Integrate RFID technology to quickly identify goods and cargo locations in batches.
Integrating RFID technology into the software system can realize rapid and batch identification of goods through handheld and fixed gantry scanning code devices. Greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse entry and exit.
7. Data storage and access are more secure
Stable, reliable and cost-effective cloud data storage, access to IP whitelist settings, designated email encryption push, strict division of data access and access restrictions according to permissions, regular login and data access analysis, database firewall real-time monitoring and attack reminders, regular data backup encryption. These powerful measures will ensure the security of your data.
8. Customized Bl business intelligence reports, data visualization helps decision-making
According to your specific needs, you can customize and design BI business intelligence reports with various contents, and all running information can be visualized, saving your data research time and making quick and efficient decision-making.

Overview of Standard Functions
1. Access whitelist restriction, permission control, etc., to ensure data security in many ways
2. According to the needs of different products, it can meet the inventory management of batches and single rolls at the same time
3. Warehouse management: roll-in orders, roll-in notices, roll-in lists, roll-in details, printing/exporting of roll-in documents; roll-out orders, roll-out notices, roll-out lists/details, printing/exporting of roll-out documents
4. Cargo position management and inventory: convenient operation of goods position management, inventory check, reconciliation and account adjustment
5. Mark (label) generation: bar code/two-dimensional code generation and printing
6. Supplier and customer management: expansion of bonded warehouse management functions that meet the requirements of customs policies
7. Transfer of warehouses: transfer of goods in warehouses, transfer of goods between warehouses
8. Warehousing fee calculation: warehousing fee, unloading fee, loading fee, relocation fee, etc. billing, bill export/printing
9. query function: inventory query, input and output flow query, rich keyword retrieval function
10. Report function: export of inventory table, export of inbound and outbound flow, export of inbound and outbound quality report, and email push
11. Basic information maintenance: user add/delete, user authority control and setting, product ID add/delete, cargo location management/setting
12. Business intelligence BI report function (inbound and outbound analysis, inventory analysis, warehouse age analysis, real-time report development for different customers and users)
13. Customized development of docking functions between different system software

The front-end smart APP is simple and easy to use
1. Arrange the layout according to the frequency of use, and quickly enter the target module
2. The UI is concise, easy to identify, low requirements for operators, and quick training can be used to get started
3. Hide useless and infrequently used function modules according to customer needs, eliminate interference, and prevent errors
4. The application of the data collection terminal conforms to ergonomic design, which is efficient and convenient

Powerful web background function
1. The functional modules are distinguished according to the storage operation process, which is simple and easy to use
2. Basic Kanban for warehousing data visualization, and operating data is clear at a glance
3. Adapt to batch management and single piece management requirements
4. Rich functions for inputting, downloading, printing, querying and other documents
5. Powerful report query, download and export functions

Overview of comprehensive intelligent solutions (optional)
1. Customizable integrated RFID scanning code recognition technology Cuckoo
2. AI label goods intelligent identification system: realize automatic mark (label) identification, automatic size measurement, automatic weighing, one-stop intelligent completion of the receipt operation Sirius SVIS
3. Based on SLAM autonomous cargo location management system:: Canopus 3DT
4. 24-hour intelligent unattended system in the library, automatic intrusion and abnormal temperature alarm Centauri
5. WMS extended functions
· Accurate in-transit order management, comprehensive inventory management plan
·Manufacturing module integrated in WMS: to achieve low-cost access to production management information
·API on-demand docking with the secondary development (integration) requirements of external software (such as common financial management software, etc.)
· Higher-level data and system security assurance


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