Application of Wireless Communication Technology of the Cranes Linkage Control(1)

Our company produced 4 cranes for a steel factory, but the 4 cranes need to realize linkage control,  to jointly lift a certain long object, sometimes need to realize 2 crane linkage control, sometimes need to realize 3 crane linkage control, sometimes need to realize 4 crane linkage control.
1. Design Drawing
Crane is driven by frequency converter, PLC control, Uses the Profibus- DP communication skills between PLC and the frequency converter, uses the wireless communication module for data exchange between cranes, uses encoder as feedback signal, to get feedback of the running distance of the crane mechanism, to achieve the synchronous operation of many sets of cranes.
1.1 The hoisting inverter adopts Siemens S120 series product, traveling inverter adopts Siemens G120 series.

1.2 PLC adopts Siemens S7-300 series, to match with the Ethernet communication module.

1.3 The wireless communication module adopts Siemens W788 series.

1.4 Using the encoder with P + F series of Profibus-DP communication interface with a absolute value Design drawings has a active control switch, slaved control switch, Single-acting action control switch, linkage control switch and control switches to control other 3 crane to work separately; start button, stop button, bell switch, lighting switch of the crane itself, and control switches for various mechanism, etc. Each button of the crane and switch are used to control the traveling and stopping of various mechanism of a certain single crane; Active control switch and slaved control switch are interlocked with each other, Active control switch is used for the main crane to sent control command to the other cranes, slaved control switch is used for this slaved crane to accept control command from the main crane; Single-acting control switch and linkage control switch are interlocked with each other, Single-acting control switch is used to control the main crane to work alone, linkage control switch is used to control the linkage  operation with other cranes. 3 single action control switch are installed on the main crane, is used for operation to other 3 cranes respectively.


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