Intellectualization Smelting Feeding Bridge Cranes

Intellectualization Smelting Feeding Bridge Cranes are mainly used in Nickel smelting industry, to lift 850℃ laterite calcining sand tank. Its centre control cabinet realizes unmanned control, automatic feeding, and is capable of distributing sand automatically in terms of gain and loss of aggregate bin. It’s one of the important components of the complete smelting process.
Main features of Intellectualization Smelting Feeding Bridge Cranes:
1. We adopt abundant design scheme on lifting mechanism and electrical controlling system, which improves the safety and reliability of this overhead crane.
2. The new style automation hoisting sling realizes the automatic hanging and unhooking.
3. The electrical proof- shaking and accurate automatic positioning technology reduce the loading shaking scope of overhead cranes, detect the hoisting position timely and realize the positional accuracy not to be more than 5mm.  
4. Supervisory computer control system is adopted to monitor all working states of overhead cranes timely.


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