What’re safety operation procedures of the Overhead Crane?

A. Strictly obey the command of the signalman. No matter who issues an emergency stop signal, stop the machine immediately.

B. The driver should send a warning signal in the following case:
a. While the machine is about to starting or have started.
b. While the crane is approaching the other cranes in the same rail.
c. While the machine is lifting or falling the objects.
d. While the crane is close the staff on the ground in the hoisting process.
e. While the machine is working above the lifting channel.
f. While the crane occur malfunctions in the hoisting process.

C. Reduce the speed and make it slowly when the hoisting object is close the winch limit device, the crane or the trolley is approaching the ends, or the Overhead crane travels close to the nearby crane. Not allowed to braking with the reverse traveling, not allowed to use the stopper as a means of shutting off the power to stop the machine, not allowed to use the emergency switch instead of the ordinary switch.

D. Do not leave the hung objects suspended in the air when the crane is ceasing condition.

E. Prohibit hanging and staying the objects over the person’s head. Make sure that the hung objects travel along the safety channel.

F. Make the lifting height not too high when the crane is stationary, keep the hook at least the height of one person.

G. During the moving process, the distance between the traveling wheels of the two cranes should be not less than 500mm.

H. While lifting the heavy tonnage of objects, do the test lifting slightly off the ground. Confirm the steady hanging, good braking, then begin to lift slowly.

I. In the lifting process, prohibit operating three mechanism simultaneously ( Crane, Trolley and Winch).

J. If there is sudden power failure in the operation process, shut off the switch handle power. Do not leave the working area when the hung object is suspended or the locks are not separated.

K. In the working process, the declining of hung objects due to sudden faults. Take the urgent measures and put the objects down to the unmanned area.

L. The adequate lighting devices need to be equipped during the night operation.

M. Place the crane in the safety area while doing the maintenances. Cut off the power, set up the fence and hang the signs of “No Thoroughfare”. Prohibit adjustment and maintenance when the crane is traveling.

N. The drivers’ responsibility after working
a. When the hoisting task finished, move the crane to the end of the main beam which is far away from the conductor line, and do not place it in the middle point of the beam. Move the crane to the consistent parking position.
b. The hook should be lifted approaching to the upper limit position, and no spreader or objects being hung.
c. For the electromagnetic chuck crane and grab crane, the grab or sucker should be placed on the ground. Forbid suspending in the air.
d. All the controllers’ handles should be back to zero, pull off the emergency switch circuit and pull down the power cabinet switch.
e. The drive should check the machine again when finishing the operation. The problems occurred in the working process and inspection conditions need to be recorded in the recording sheet especially showing the insecurity factors clearly, then transfer them to the successor.


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