Low-carbon design of the Overhead Crane based on the lightweight and module

Based on crane industry standards and enterprise product standard to analysis the structural feature and functional characteristics of overhead crane. Take full account of versatility and independence devide the module. 
The module devision of overhead crane, will divide into complete machine , crane span structure ,assembly part , component . The lower the module level , more easier and the higher the degree of generation . With the module quantity added , the cost og management also added .
The module devision substance is the functional decomposition and combination of the product .The module devision of the overhead crane mainly inclues: lifting structure ( actuating device, wire rope winding system, load handling device ,safety production device ) , travel mechanism (run support device , the drive device) , swing mechanism ( slewing bearing ,slewing drive) , trolley travelling mechanism , metal structure (bridge type , assessor structure) etc.
The way of main girder structure based on lightweighting
1. Used the structure of narrow flange bias- rail box girder, optimizing the girder section and area of thrust surface, the local stress in the box beam is caused by the wheel pressure of the trolley directly conveyed along the track onto the upper flange, meanwhile, could leave out the short stiffened plate.
2. Reduce the girder height and the thickness of upper and bottom plate, to lightening the girder.
3. To change uniform spacing of diaphragm in the main girder midspan, decrease the quantity of diaphragm.
4. Trolley adopts weld track, and included the rail into main girder section.
5. Trolley track used two- cover continuous auto- weld process, to decrease the weld bead height.
6. Web plate divided into two parts, big thickness one in the upper, the other in the bottom.


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