The Tentative Exploration of Safety Requirement and Test Method on QDY Type Crane

1. The working environment and type selection
QDY crane should be safe and reliable, adapting to the requirement of use condition, environment and the size of the warehouse;
The working class of crane should not less than A7, the working class of lifting mechanism and the main load-bearing structure parts also should not less than M7;

2. The requirement on the working environment 
The other cranes are not used to lift the molten metal in same room, showing the mark ”No lifting molten metal”.
In the surface of the crane and the cabin should coating high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant materials to protect.

3. Making nondestructive testing for ladle

4. The insulation protection measures should be adopt to the electronic scale , use high temperature resistant digital electronic scale system.

5. Lifting mechanism  
QDY bridge machine used in high temperature, high dust environment, lifting the molten metal and hot metal, the lifting mechanism only has a driving gear and a set of steel wire rope, once failure, consequence is unimaginable, so, the inspector should give special test.
(1) The appearance inspection of the hook set ;
(2) Re-check the hook model to see whether can meet need;
(3) Inspect the insulation protection effect of hook sets;
(4) Check the structure of wire rope and verify the actual environment ;
(5) Re-Check the safety factor of the wire rope;
(6) Re-check the compatibility between the steel wire rope with the pulley group and drum;

6. The main load-bearing structure parts
(1) In safety working loading condition, the deflection of main girder should be <=S/1000;

7. Operate and control parts
(1) Cabin control : Near the driver room should be equipped with emergency power switch; at the same time, the cabin is directly suffered from the high temperature radiation , so, below the cabin should set up heat insulation layer to protect the worker;
(2) Remote control: The sender and receiver of remote controller should equipped with enough high temperature resistant and dust capacity, besides, emergency power switch should be set up near the remote control point.


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