Vacuum handling applications

Aerolift supplies its products to a wide range of industries, including the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore industry, transfer companies, piping, tunnel drilling, wind turbines, timber industry and glass industry. The vacuum lifters of Aerolift are also used in large-scale construction projects such as housing, utility construction, stadium building and tunnel construction. This website is structured to present our vacuum lifters as follows: Storage; Transfer; Material handling; Automation.

Vacuum handling applications for storage

A warehouse is a place where products and/or materials are collected and stored. Different industries use different storage systems, under different circumstances. Whether you’re storing indoors or outdoors, we provide efficient, vacuum handling applications for storage. This includes vacuum handling in storage as well as loading and unloading.

Vacuum handling for transhipment

Use vacuum handling applications for the transhipment of goods and become more efficient. Transhipment occurs many times in almost every transport chain. In most cases the process begins at the manufacturer’s warehouse, from where the goods are shipped by lorry, ship, train or aircraft. Most likely, the goods will be handled several times while in transit, as they are shipped from one transport to another.

Vacuum handling applications for internal transportation

Vacuum handling applications are the ideal technology for internal transportation. The term ‘internal transport’ is used to describe the movement of goods and/or semi-finished products between processing stations, which frequently occurs in the manufacturing industry. These transporting systems can be (fully) automated or hand operated. Vacuum technology offers a variety of highly efficient solutions for internal transportation systems.

Vacuum handling applications in automated systems

Vacuum handling applications in automated vacuum systems are often used where complex and capacity-limited handling takes place. All handling motions are pre-programmed. An automated system increases production output and maintains more consistent productivity. Read below why vacuum technology can be a highly effective solution in this type of environment.


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