Vacuum handling methods

Aerolift supplies products to a range of industries, including the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore, transhipment, piping, tunnel construction, timber industry, wind turbines and glass industry. Most Aerolift lifting solutions are based on vacuum lifting technology. Every company, in every branch of industry, works with individual specifications which the vacuum lifter must meet. This website is structured on the basis of four, distinct handling operations: Horizontal handling; 90° turning; 180° turning; Turning at random angles.

Vacuum handling method horizontal

The most frequently used vacuum handling method for lifting and moving a load is the horizontal vacuum handling method. This method of handling mostly takes place in combination with an overhead crane, gantry crane, mobile crane, loader, excavator or forklift.

Vacuum handling method 90 degrees

Using the 90º vacuum handling turning method a material or product can not only be lifted, but also turned in one and the same operation. Aerolift supplies this system in two versions: 90º turners and 180º turners. Moreover, Aerolift has developed vacuum lifters that are able to handle a load in any position by lifting, turning and rotating.

Vacuum handling method 180 degrees

With vacuum technology you can not only lift a material or product, but turn it as well. Aerolift supplies turners in two versions, namely, 90° turners and 180° turners. In addition, Aerolift develops vacuum lifters that are capable of operating in any random position through lifting, turning and rotating. Now, 180° vacuum handling turning methods are also available.

Vacuum handling methods random

With vacuum handling methods for random rotating and tilting it is possible, not only to lift a material or product, but also to tilt it. In addition to the 90° tilters and 180° tilters, Aerolift has developed vacuum lifters that are capable of operating in any position. Thanks to this technology, the handling capabilities of vacuum lifters are practically limitless. For example, they not only enable you to lift objects of any form or weight, but also tilt and rotate them into any desired position.


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