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We improve constantly. More and more customers choose Clescrane as their partner. Check our customer stories to see how our material handing solutions help our customers to achieve the target.

Guatemala Construction Services

Guatemala Construction Services is a company that provides integrated solutions and services for any global construction project, focusing on the design, processing, installation and service of industrial and civil buildings such as plant, residential and warehousing.

Guatemala Steel Structure Engineering Company

Guatemala Steel Structure Engineering is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of steel structures in Guatemala. In September 2018, Guatemala Steel Structure Engineering ordered two bridge cranes, CHS10T, from CLESCRANE for th

Kazakhstan Mining Company

Kazakhstan Mining Corporation was founded in 2004,it is a fully integrated copper producer which is engaged in the mining, processing, smelting, refining and sale of copper and copper products (including cathode copper and copper rods). It is the largest copper manufacturer in Kazakhstan and the tenth largest in the world. They also produces and sells a significant amount of zinc, silver and gold as a by-product. In addition, Kazakhstan Mining Company is the largest electricity supplier locally...

South Africa Plastic Products Company

South Africa plastic products company has been established for over thirty years, and during this period has developed a comprehensive range of D.I.Y. articles designed for daily use, and an extensive Bathroom range as well. This range is stocked by all major chains in the country, and theirs brand is recognized as the "Brand Leader" for this category of merchandise.

Honduras Advertising Group

Honduran advertising group was founded in 1964,Is a leading international advertising company,Honduras is also one of the largest advertising agencies in Central America. It is the largest company in Honduras as a print communications and digital platform, it has the largest circulation of newspapers, magazines and the most popular news websites in the country.

Textile Factory of Salvador

TEXTUFIL was founded in 1972.Possessed rich experience over 40 years history. It is family enterprise which collected of textured nylon yarns and polyester,finished, dyed and printed fabrics. And now, TEXTUFIL developed to be a lead supplier of Central America.


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